What we do

NXT Fuels (formerly Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation) has been developing projects and technology to convert biomass into biofuels since 2005.

We are a project management and technology integration business with the ability to envision, develop and deliver profitable advanced biofuel projects. Our experience and expertise can help you achieve the best commercial outcome for your renewable hydrocarbon fuels project.

We are driven by our customers’ and partners’ needs for:

  • Advanced technology
  • Strong relationships
  • Right financial structure
  • Right stakeholders
  • Right contracts
  • Right pricing
  • Right location
  • Right scale
  • Right feedstock/s
  • Right fuel output
  • Superior financial outcomes.

Our credentials come from early global leadership in microalgae production and processing to paraffinic jet fuel and more recently, working with multiple feed stocks blends, fuels users and distributors on projects focused on gasoline and diesel production.  We have relationships with some of the world’s most influential players in renewable fuels.

Our knowledge base is continually expanding with assessments on an increasing range of diverse biomass feed stocks, such as sugar cane and municipal waste streams.

Developing projects utilizing either a single material or a range of feedstocks to optimise the sustainability, economics, profitability, scale, yield and product fuel quality has been an important focus with a current target of achieving commercial production at 500 dry tonnes per day and beyond.

What is also a crucial focus is the delivery, to our customers, of a profitable and integrated package using a cost effective catalytic thermo-chemical process that produces liquid transportation fuels from renewable resources, with low environmental impact.

Please see our section on three potential project scenarios – green field, brown field and regional fuel supply.